“You don’t have to live in the Carolinas to join us at the GCAR Rabbinic Kallah. It is open to rabbis and their families regardless of where they live. We’ve been coming for over 20 years and some folks have been coming since the ’50s. It is a great place to be with friends and colleagues, to learn a bit, to shmooze, to get away to the mountains for a good time.” (Rabbi Edward and Janice Friedman, New Jersey)

“As far as I’m concerned it’s a yom she-kulo Shabbat–perhaps even me’ein olam ha-ba. Come and enjoy!” (Rabbi Richard Agler, Florida)

“Who knew? – you can go back to summer camp! The mountain air, flora and fauna, learning, art projects, davening, conversation (sometimes deep sometimes hilarious), family outings and local entertainment are all one could ask for and more.” (Rabbi Maralee Gordon, Illinois)

“I am missing Wildacres so much and thinking of the Golden glow of the lights from far down the road and the comfort of walking onto the deck and into the beautiful wooden building and seeing the bright caramel hue echo off the walls; and walking across the familiar creaking floor and watching the bugs fly around the lights, and the Mountain smell and all the people and flopping down on the mattress covered in that lovely old quilt and falling asleep.” (Yosef Wolkoff, teen son of Rabbi Robert Wolkofff and Ruth-Ann Breitler, New Jersey)

“The most rewarding week I spend every summer is the one I spend at Wildacres. There, I join with colleagues and their families to daven, study, converse, laugh, and share much of my rabbinic life that I am not able to share with anyone else. During this week so many of the more enriching parts of my life are enhanced while the business of the every-day is diminished. Wildacres is gorgeous, the food is plentiful and the lodging is quite comfortable and accessible to all activities. It was 21 years ago when my family first attended this retreat. For 21 years, Sharon and I have made this week sacred to our summer schedule. I realize from my week at Wildacres the truth of what I learned years ago from Rabbi Morris Gordon – namely, that to “advance” most effectively it is wise to spend time in “retreat.” (Rabbi Philip and Sharon Pohl, Maryland)

“I have attended the GCAR Kallah at Wildacres almost every summer for the past 25 years.  The six days of learning and collegiality never fails to leave me refreshed, renewed, and ready for the approaching new year.” (Rabbi Dan Alexander, Virginia)

“We started our annual visit to the GCAR at Wildacres in 1978, soon after my marriage to Rabbi Bert Sapinsley. He had spoken glowingly of the Kallah for several years, so we went!  I’ve never been sorry; still travelling there, with all expectations fully met.”  (Susan Sapinsley, South Carolina)

“I look forward to attending the Rabbinic Kallah at Wildacres with great anticipation. The best thing about it is getting to see colleagues from near and far. The second great benefit is the opportunity to study. And then there’s the wonderful air, the scenery, the hiking, the arts and crafts, the entertainment, and the wonderful feeling of relaxation and renewal. No wonder those who come once tend to keep coming year after year!” (Rabbi Michael Hecht, Ohio)

“The Rabbinic Kallah at Wildacres is a literal and a figurative breath of fresh air! The mountain is a perfect place to relax and breathe deeply. Collegiality for its own sake, free from movements and free for Torah–that’s its own fresh air!” (Rabbi Steven Sager, North Carolina)

“Enjoying, comfortable, spiritually rewarding, outstanding Jewish learning and making new friends that support one another throughout the year, describes the feelings we took away from our first experience at Wildacres in the Summer of 2013.  We eagerly awaited the Summer of 2014 at Wildacres which was even more loving and supportive.  Individuals, couples and families will be transformed by the exquisitely beautiful mountain setting, while studying, playing and relaxing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.” (Rabbi Steven and Cheryl Newman, Florida)

“As a solo rabbi in a remote congregation (being the only synagogue in a 100 mile radius in the very Christian Deep South), I look forward to the GCAR conference every year.  I love the people, the chance to learn with some wonderful scholars, the chance to play in a beautiful setting. The food is great (and kosher!)  But best of all, I have the chance to be around other rabbis to share ideas, tzuris and happy things too.  And the cost is incredibly reasonable.” (Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith, Alabama)

“Speaking as a spouse, our years visiting Wildacres and participating in GCAR continue to be very special.  I enjoy and deeply appreciate, from a distance, the spiritual and professional refreshment that my wife achieves with her colleagues.  The gorgeous setting and the many opportunities for me to participate in GCAR events is also a time for personal and Jewish enrichment.  I never feel ‘left out.’ We have been honored to build lifelong friendships with the GCAR Rabbinic colleagues and their families – who along with us – have come to see GCAR as a summertime must and our home away from home.” (Rob Goldsmith, Alabama)

“Wildacres has continued to attract and satisfy us for over fifty years. Unique place, unique people, uniqe lecturers on Judaic experiences through the ages. You really can’t afford to miss it.” (Rabbi Tobias and Ethel Rothenberg, Florida)

“I attended the GCAR retreat this past summer for the first time. I was very impressed with the high level of scholarship offered by the visiting lecturer, and with the welcome I received and the camaraderie I experienced. Along with the beautiful setting, this all made for a very rich week.” (Rabbi Suzanne Singer, California)

“For twenty-seven years – on and off, but more on than off – we’ve enjoyed the Wildacres experience. It’s unique; the mountains are gorgeous; the friendships are lasting. Join us, why don’t you!” (Rabbi Peter and Suzy Grumbacher, Delaware)

We love to travel with our friends, Peter and Suzy Grumbacher to spend a wonderful time of fellowship and study with a friendly and delightful group of rabbis and spouses. It is the highlight of our summer. Thank you, GCAR, for making this possible! (Rabbi Irwin and Joyce Goldenberg, New York)