Rabbi Shoshana Cohen, PhD, 2022, “From Brokenness to Redemption – Examining the Cracks in Our World for Change”

Rabbi Steven G. Sager, Ph.D. Z”L, 2021, “Seeking the way through story, memory, text, and nature”

Summer, 2020, Various learning sessions led by members of our Kehillah

Professor Benjamin Sommer, 2019, “Worship in Ancient Israel: Why Vayikra is the Most Kabbalistic and Christian Part of the Tanakh?”
Rabbi Amy Scheinerman, 2018, “Talmudic Aggadah: Illustrating and Undermining Halakhah”
Rabbi Amy Eilberg, 2017, “Pursuing Peace and Justice in a Divided World”
Rabbi Jonathan Slater, 2016, “Jewish Life as Spiritual Practice”
Rabbi Steven G. Sager, Ph.D., 2015, “Torah from the Heaven and Heaven from the Torah”
Dr. Alyssa Gray, 2014, “Rhetorical and Cultural Readings of Halakhic Literature”
Dr. Andrea Weiss
, 2013, “The Kaleidoscope of Biblical Poetry”
Dr. Miles Krassen, 2012, “Unicity (Non-Duality) in Theory and Practice”
Dr. Adele Berlin, 2011, “What Does the Bible Mean?”
Dr. Jeffrey Rubinstein, 2010, “Rabbinic Narratives”
Rabbi Avram Israel Reisner, 2009, “Jewish Business Ethics for the 21st Century”
Dr. Leonard Jay Greenspoon, 2007, “Biblically Speaking: The Role of the Hebrew Bible in the Jewish Liturgical Experience”
Rabbi/Dr. Joseph Ozarowski, 2006, “Dimensions of Orthodox Theology in the Modern World”
Rabbi/Dr. Robert Liberles, 2005, “Overlapping Spheres: Jews and Judaism in the Path Between Tradition and Modernity”
Dr. Gordon Newby, 2004, “Jews and Arabs in the Formative Period of Islam”
Rabbi/Dr. Martin Samuel Cohen, 2003, “Travels on the Road Not Taken: Tehillim and Torah in Second Century Jerusalem”
Dr. Judith Romney Wegner, 2001, “Chattel or Person? Women in Mishnaic Law”
Rabbi/Dr. Robert Harris, 2000, “Unfolding the Text”
Rabbi/ Dr. Mark Washofsky, 1999, 2002, “The Rabbis, the Halakhah, and the Truth”
Rabbi/Dr. Reuven Hammer, 1998, “Rabbinic Texts Relating to the Siddur and the Machzor
Dr. Judith Baskin, 1997, “Family Values, Piety, and Violence in Medieval Ashkenaz”
Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, 1996, “Family Relationships in Genesis”
Professor Ari Elon, 1995, “Torah as Love Goddess: Dramatic Stories in the Talmud”
Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld, 1994, “Social Values in Rabbinic Thought”
Rabbi/Dr. Steven Sager, 1993, “The Mezuzah and the Torah of the Door”
Rabbi Joseph Lukinsky, 1992, “The Experience of the Yamim Noraim and Their Texts”
Rabbi/Dr. Allen Kensky, 1991, “An Early Midrash on Exodus”
Dr. Tikvah Frymer-Kensky, 1990, “Gods and Goddesses”
Dr. Stanley Chyet, 1989, “Up the Ladder: The Experience of American-Jewish Fiction”
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, 1986, “The Rabbi They Taught Us to Be is Not a Rebbe”
Bonia Shur, 1985, “Modern Jewish Music”
Rabbi/Dr. Michael Cook, 1984, “The True Origins of the Books of the Christian New Testament”
Dr. Max Janowski, 1981
Rabbi/Dr. Martin A. Cohen, 1978, “Power Play”